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Services We Offer

We provide a person-centred approach for every accommodation that we find suitable for each individual in our care, this allows us to place our service users in homes that they can feel most comfortable in. Our care services are for adults aged 18+, who have been diagnosed with complex needs such as Mental Health illnesses, learning disabilities, and Autism. We also provide care for those who require care in the comfort of their own homes

Our well trained and well led team makes sure to provide the care and support which puts the goals and ambitions of those in our care always at heart.

Learning Disabilities

Mental Health

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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Challenging Behaviours and / or Complex needs

Man with Down Syndrome Playing Violin

Domiciliary Care

Substance Misuse

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Home Care Services Available 

Personalized Attention for All Your Health Related Needs

Our Support 

Our well trained staff team are always working hard everyday to ensure that each individuals ampitions and goals are met with this person centred approach it ensures that each individual in our care is always our top priority.

We also recognise the complexities of each indivuals distinct needs right from the assessment stage which allows us to place individuals we assess in the right suitable support enviroment and accomodations. At the same time we ensure that their future goals and ampitions are achieved when they are in our care.

We seek to rehabilitate back into the community those who are eventually able to live on their own and be able to look after themselves. We also recognise that peoples needs may change from time to time which is why we are also very flexible and responsive in our support to ensure that people in our care always receive the best care possible.

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